Polofin core business

Polofin has developed with its subsidiaries the so-called “refrigeration pole”.

Each company has been specialized in a specific branch of production and cold control.

Glass industry: Clean rooms

Clean rooms are used in the glass industry for the production of laminated glass.As air inside the clean room must be particularly clean, Keyfrost air treatment units are equipped with air
micro-filtering systems.

Refrigeration pack unit for large scale distribution

Centralized cooling units for large-scale retail companies.

  • Low temperature coldrooms
  • Normal temperature coldrooms
  • Multi-user pack units (refrigerator aisles and cold rooms)

Food industry: fish processing and conservation.

Cooling units designed to guarantee the cold chain in modern fish processing industries.

  • Reception and shipping room
  • Normal temperature coldroom
  • Low temperature coldroom
  • Air treatment processing room
  • Blast chillers
  • Freezing tunnel

Cured meats industry

Refrigeration systems for meats industry.

  • Reception and shipping room
  • Low temperature coldroom
  • Normal temperature coldroom
  • Meat processing room
  • Anging coldrooms
  • Freezer room


Monoblock cooling units ready-to-use in order to realize refrigerating units.

Central refrigeration systems for the catering industry

Cooling and pack units for an effective management of cold in restaurant kitchens.

  • Cold rooms at low temperature
  • Cold rooms at normal temperature
  • Motocondensing unit
  • Pack units

Wine cellars

Wine displays and cellars refrigeration for preserve and keep the precious treasures of the wine arts, with reliablity and long duration

Assistance and Remote Control System

Frigotel is a company specialised in the assistance, control and maintenance of industrial and commercial cooling units.

Components for the refrigeration

Design and production of technical components for the refrigeration world. These are components suitable for:

  • Refrigerated table
  • Refrigerating cabinet
  • Showcase and refrigerating display
  • Coldrooms

Precision mechanics

Krios has a high-tech plant specialized in high precision mechanical components’ production used, among other factors, especially in the household appliances industry.